Prior to the formation of the Peterborough Society magicians in the area met up for informal sessions at the Alderman Jacob School in Whittlesey where David Fisher was Headmaster and a fellow magician. Although the venue was free of charge it was never going to be a permanent base for a new club. Ed Strong, on the other hand, had a room available.
At the time Ed was a master baker with his own business in Werrington and he had a spare room above the shop, kindly offering this, free of charge, for the formation of a Peterborough based magic club. Thus was born the Peterborough Society of Magicians.
The P.S.M was founded in 1980 by Ed Strong, Bernard Carr, Mike Hawthorne, and Terry Drudge. They had all, originally, belonged to the South Lincs Magical Society (Boston) and, later, some had joined the Leicester Magic Circle. In either case it was a long way to travel to meetings!
As the numbers grew it soon became apparent that bigger premises were required and it was decided to move to the Deeping Leisure Centre. This proved to be a short term solution in the search for premises. The next move was to the Eye Community Centre on the outskirts of the city. This was also to prove unsatisfactory due to the cost and to the fact that the property was too small to accommodate our, now famous, Sale, Exchange and Lecture Day, the first of which took place in 1989.
Once more Ed Strong came to our rescue through a contact he had at the Millfield Community Centre, on Lincoln Road to which we moved in 1991. This time the venue proved perfect for our requirements and continues to be to this day (2020). It had everything that we required, a nice club room, large car park and best of all the use of the whole centre for our Sale, Exchange and Lecture Day. The first meeting to be held at the Millfield Community Center took place on 14th July 1991.
The P.S.M. is now firmly established, with a membership of around 25.

Past Presidents

Ed Strong 1980-1981
Mike Hawthorne 1981-1982
Bernard Carr 1982-1983
Terry Drudge 1983-1984
Keith Down 1984-1985
Ken Mabb 1985-1986
Bernard Fillingham 1986-1987
Ed Strong 1987-1988
Hugh Goater 1988-1991
Terrty Drudge 1991-1992
Hugh Goater 1992-1993
Ed Strong 1993-1994
Oliver Plumley 1994-1995
Ken Mabb 1995-1996
Keith Down 1996-1997
Kevin Sanigar 1997-1998
Ed Strong 1998-1999
Ian Corke 1999-2001
Terry Drudge 2001-2002
Colin Rose 2002-2003
Keith Down 2003-2004
Ian Tanner 2004-2007
John Learoyd 2007-2008
Josh Miller 2008-2010
Keith Down 2010-2012
Ian Tanner 2012-2014
Brian Lobo 2014-2016
John Learoyd 2016-2017
Ricky Locke 2017-Present

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