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Steve Short Lecture

21 March 2017

Steve from Barton upon Humber gave a two part lecture about the Supreme Magic Company. He spoke about its founder Edwin Hooper, Hoopers early days with a interest in magic followed by his call up and eventually founding of the business. Hooper then collaborated with Ian Adair to create a company that in todays terms would have a gross income of a million .At its peak the company employed nearly 70 people and supplied such well-known entertainers as Paul Daniels, Tommy Cooper, David Nixon, David Copperfield, Ali Bongo and Harry Corbett as well as enthusiasts around the world. A fine mixture of photographs and video clips set the scene about this company. Part two of Steve's presentation was a demonstration of some of the magic that was produced by the company with some quality and ingenious props. A entertaining evening for our membership.
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