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Boris Wilde Lecture

20 March 2018

Peterborough Society of Magicians had a international feel to its March meeting. French magician Boris Wild who is on tour in the UK during March had a pit stop in Peterborough which was sandwiched between Ipswich , the Magic Circle and Scotland. Boris was up front and centre for the best part of 2 3/4 hours it could have been longer apart from the doors being locked The late Ken Dodd would have been proud. The first part of the lecture was called Zero Touch where Boris did not touch the cards at all whilst Treasuer Ian did the handling little tip always keep the Treasuer happy. Part two was Ten Max trick invoving 20 notes as bait, 5 blank cards and 5 marked with 20. shuffle the cards and if you get a 20 card you win the 20 note. 100 was up for grabs . Needless to say Boris still has the 100. Simbeosis was a highlight of the night using borrowed decks , two volunteers from the audience.. Amazingly the result is both decks no matter how many cards are counted from each deck result in the same card being revelled from each deck. Finally Pure Telepathy involved Secretary Dean holding the black bag whilst picking a card behind Boris's back and yes he guesses the card.

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